Executive Business Management Services

We work with you to revolutionise your business pratices and make it substainable. 

We turn your vocation into susstainable profit venture. We take it from the closet to the world stage. 

Financial Services

We help our clients fine tuned their financial records both at individual level and Business Level. We help you as your authorized Canada revenue Representative to manage and maintain your Tax Record and GST Duties.


Very importantly we help me maximize your returns and benefits. We are your partner in effective Revenue Managements.


We offer in-depth Business Financial Analysis for Small Business and Start-Ups. 


Loans and Grants

In our years of dealing with small business and especially business with minority ownership. we have discovered that many are unaware of the many Government Support for their Start-up and small Businesses. Those that are aware of this businesses are unaware of how to take advantage of this opportunities. That is where we come in. To point you in the right direction and advise you truly the process.


Practice Areas
  • Individual Tax Service

  • Business and Corporation Tax Services

  • GST and Payroll

  • Incorporation Filing and Reports

  • Charity and Non-For-Profit

  • ​Business registrtion

  • corporated Esthablishment

  • Online Marketing and Promotions

  • Virtual and Physical Office Services

  • Mortage Loan

  • Car Loan

  • Bureau de Change